The first Lost Tapes episode. Features the Chupacabra

Series Name
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date October 30, 2008
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On July 5, 2006, a family in Nogales, Sonora (in Mexico) are celebrating their daughter Eva's birthday, and receive two gifts from a relative in the United States: one is a video camera, and the other is a letter saying that they will be brought across the border into Arizona. They are taken into the Sonora Desert by a smuggler, but he abandons them in the desert. With few other options, they decide to try to reach the border on foot. Shortly into their trek, Eva hears a strange growl, but dismisses it. As they continue through the desert, they grow suspicious of more sounds coming from the brush, and are suddenly attacked by an unseen creature (though thermal images from a border patrol camera indicate it is a dog-like creature). Meanwhile, two American border-patrol agents receive a report that the family is trying to cross the border and go to apprehend them. When they arrive on the scene, they find Eva's parents dead. At first, they think that they died of exposure, but then discover three unusual puncture marks on their necks and find them drained of blood. They discover Eva, terrified but unhurt, hiding in the bushes. As night falls, they take her back to their car, and one officer tries to console her and acquire information, while the other searches the area for other survivors, but hears bizarre sounds and discovers animal carcasses that have been similarly drained of their blood. He suddenly hears a roar and runs back to the car, telling the other officer to join him. They go back out into the brush and are suddenly confronted by the Chupacabra, which is seen only as a pair of glowing eyes, and open fire. The official report by the agents stated that the cause of death for Eva's parents was unknown, but the puncture marks and missing blood were noted. Eva was returned to her grandmother in Nogales, but was plagued by nightmares of the creature. The official report made no mention of any unknown animal, and whether or not the chupacabra was killed by the Border Patrol, or escaped, is never stated.