He is described as a [[1]] man. He is known to dwell deep in the [[2]] systems of major cities. These sewage sytems often include [sewage systems] , which travel under ground for miles at a time. The lizard man is a carnivourus creature that mainly feeds on small animals. He has been known to attack humans on rare occassions and is very dangerous. He WILL attack if he feels threatened and this can prove to be fatal to humans. He is described as being average male height (around six foot) and have the stunning features of a lizard. He has the face and limbs of a lizard with human like features, such as the ability to stand upright. He has near to inhuman strength and is considered to be very dangerous and highly aggresive. Do not

Lizard Man

A reptilian-humanoid like creature

approach him becasue he will attack if he feels threatened enough to do so. There have been reports of human attacks by unnamed creatures deep within the sewwers. These reports have on many occassions been looked over as if just a tale, but the ones who were atatcked know what they saw and know what happened to them. They know what they saw was real and what happened really had happened to them. Many see the lizard man as just another hoax used to scare the public, but there had been many reports that lead to the realization that he and many other [monsters] of the world may exist.